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4 months ago-
I called Carz last minute to get my vehicle in to have the interior detailed and get all the dog hair out as I had just found out my son was coming home on leave for a week and would be needing to use my car. He is allergic to my dogs, so I needed help fast. They got me in the next morning (came in an hour and a half early for me) and had my car ready by 1pm. It was so clean and shockingly he was able to get all the dog hair out.. seriously, that never happens. He even washed the outside for me at no charge. Very very happy with the service.


Needed my headlights cleaned up, and Evan was professional and quick. My headlights never looked better. Headlight polishing is the way to go rather then just buying new ones once they get hazy. So don't get fooled into buying new ones when all the you need to do is have your old ones polished up. Thank you Carz Shine!

Teri M., Adjuster