One of a Kind

Treating your car like the important, expensive investment it is makes it One of a Kind!

If you want to keep your car the one of a kind in a sea of look-a-likes you should follow a few steps to maintaine your treasure.

Wash it regularly (interior, exterior, and undercarriage); treat any rust spots and rips in upholstery ASAP; keep up with routine maintenance (like oil changes and filter changes); and don’t ignore dash lights and warnings.

A Check Engine light could be serious, or it could mean you just didn’t tighten the gas cap after your last fill up.

For cars that drive on salted roadways in the winter, be sure to wash the exterior and undercarriage every 2-4 weeks.

Treat leather and wood interiors to a nice moisturizing detail at least once every year, unless you live in a hot, dry climate where it might take more love to keep the leather from cracking.

You should know a few things about your cars and how they work. Watch videos, ask questions, take a class.

Once you know about the inner workings you can do some maintenance work yourself, and find a good mechanic who will show you what their treatment plan is.

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