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Clean and Custom

New Vehicle Detailing Carz Shine Auto Spa & Accessories Maintenance Detail program provides the ultimate protection for your investment, keeping you driving safely, in style and comfort! Our maintenance program is custom tailored to your specific needs and includes discounted services. Choose from a variety of options and accessories! Maintenance Detailing Program. All vehicles need…
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Having pride in your ride and taking care of your cars is like feeding babies. You pay close attention to how they look, what they eat and when. Obviously it’s more to it than that but, whether you drive one or multiple cars, sports or classics and live an active lifestyle or not, these car…
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One of a Kind

Treating your car like the important, expensive investment it is makes it One of a Kind! If you want to keep your car the one of a kind in a sea of look-a-likes you should follow a few steps to maintaine your treasure. Wash it regularly (interior, exterior, and undercarriage); treat any rust spots and…
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Interior Detailing

Detailing your car’s interior is very important to keeping your vehicles value. A vehicle is a huge investment that should be protected year round. Just as important as keeping your car's exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of preventative maintenance. A dirty cabin not only looks and smells bad, it can…
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