Having pride in your ride and taking care of your cars is like feeding babies. You pay close attention to how they look, what they eat and when.

Obviously it’s more to it than that but, whether you drive one or multiple cars, sports or classics and live an active lifestyle or not, these car maintenance expert tips will apply to you and your car.

Here’s the key question we have asked these men and women, who can tell from their insights how passionate they are about their car.

What is your best tip for keeping your car from becoming a junk car.

With more and more drivers keeping their custom or classic cars for decades there’s some things you can do to make your little beauty last even longer.

Here’s 3 things you can do right now to show your car some love.

1. Take care when living by the sea!

Do you know why sea air is a cancer to the exterior of your ride? Because salty air rusts metal 15% faster than your regular town or country air. So if you live by the sea you can expect your little gem to rot away quite sooner then living away from the sea!

2. Actually service it!

Just like us humans that need a treat every now and then, you car needs some love of its own too. Pay a couple of hundred bucks and get your car serviced every year, or at least every two years.

Fresh oil and a health check will go a long way to preserving your vehicle. Remember the old saying? Look after your car and it will look after you.

Keep it clean and looking good. Take pride in your ride!

3. Park in a garage when possible!

Not possible for every car owner to do this but if you have a garage make sure your car gets the benefit of it – especially in the winter months.

Statistics show that garaged cars have bodywork that lasts 5 years longer than that of cars that live outside all year round.

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