Fleet Detailing Services

Differentiate your company from the competition:

Washing and detailing fleet vehicles will help to differentiate your company from the competition. In the business world, everything counts! This includes the appearance of your corporate vehicles.

Studies have shown that companies that appear cleaner to the consumer often do better than their competition.

Maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles not only illustrates your company’s commitment to excellence. Each vehicle will depreciate by a certain amount based on a set of factors. Some of these factors are maintenance, appearance, age, and mileage. You can control the appearance of your fleet vehicles and maintenance, Regular fleet washing and detailing services will keep your fleet looking as good as possible at all times. Additionally, many fleet managers realize that having a well-groomed fleet helps maintain employee moral and boosts productivity. The benefits of corporate car & truck fleet detailing definitely outweigh the many misconceptions.

We can design a detail or wash package for your fleet vehicles that will work for your company budget.

This service includes:

  • This starts with our Full Service Custom Wash package.
  • Hand wash and blow dry
  • Clean wheel wells and wheels.
  • Clean all Emblems
  • Clean door mirror hings
  • Thorough treatment of all exterior surfaces using Detailer's Clay. This leaves these surfaces feeling silky smooth and is necessary to remove contamination that may have accumulated over time.
  • Wax and buff
  • However, we can not and do not remove debris from truck bed.

Contact Evan at Carz Shine Auto Spa and Accessories to get a quote on your Fleet Detailing Service needs. 360-573-6145

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