Full Service Custom Wash and wax


Automatic Car Washes And Your Paint

Swirls & scratches on a black hood
Swirls & scratches on a black hood.

Automatic car washes are everywhere. They tend to be a cheap, quick and convenient way to wash your car on the go. From the outside they seem to make sense, drive your car in, minutes later you drive out with a moderately clean car. The processes on the inside of the car wash are far from safe and often introduce swirls, scratches, and other marring to your car’s paint. In addition, they drive stuck on dirt and grit deeper into your car’s finish. Automatic car washes are aware of this, which is why they post signs claiming zero liability for any damages their machines and equipment do to your vehicle. This practice places all the risk and costs on you, their customer.

Let’s start with the water. The majority of automatic car washes must reclaim and reuse the water due to state, city or environmental laws. The real question is how well is the water actually filtered. If not filtered correctly, dirty water is being blasted onto your paint, which will mar the paint and not clean your car very well.

Our Full Service Custom Car Wash and Wax is just that. You get the finest wash available for your vehicle. We carefully clean your vehicle from a detailers perspective with the greatest attention to details! This is the perfect service to prepare for that visiting family member or that special client you want to impression with a spotless ride.

This service includes:

  • Gentle pre-rinse to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Apply rich and foamy conditioning shampoo.
  • Gently hand-wash.
  • Rinse for spot-free.
  • Clean Wheel Wells.
  • Forced-air purge of all water reservoirs to prevent drip marks.
  • Wax Buffing
  • Tires dressed to a like-new satin finish.
  • Final touch-up for wheels and door jambs.
  • We are very thorough!
  • However, we can not and do not remove debris from truck bed.


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