New Vehicle Detailing

All vehicles need supplemental paint protection in the form of paint sealant or wax, especially those newly purchased vehicles. Brand new clear-coated vehicles need paint protection in order to resist the inevitable paint system failure caused by environmental sources such as the sun, bug spatter, bird droppings, and more. Your new car is likely your second largest investment. Protect it from the start!  

This service includes: #7 steps

  • This starts with our Full Service Custom Wash package.
  • Hand wash and blow dry
  • Clean wheel wells and wheels.
  • Clean all Emblems
  • Clean door mirror hings
  • Thorough treatment of all exterior surfaces using Detailer's Clay. This leaves these surfaces feeling silky smooth and is necessary to remove contamination that may have accumulated over time.
  • Generous application of  Premium paint protection  which enhances your paints gloss and provides a deep shine.
  • Polish all Chrome
  • After this is done it should provide 6 months of protection against environmental impacts.
  • However, we can not and do not remove debris from truck bed.

                Starting $205 



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