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Window Tinting Vancouver WA

Tired of those tinted windows?Window tinting Vancouver WA

We understand that tinted windows aren't for everybody. While they provide a layer of privacy and make it difficult for people to see your valuables, they can also be an annoyance that's not worth the trouble. If you're one of those people that have grown tired of your window tints, all is not lost! The process is reversible, and Carz Shine Auto Spa & Accessories can take care of any of your window tinting needs in Vancouver WA for you.


What are window tints? While tinted windows may appear to be dark glass, unless the tinting was done at the time of manufacturing, they're two separate things. Generally, window tints are a thin, colored film or laminate that's attached to the glass to reduce the amount of light that can enter. Because of this, over time the material can chip in places or stop working as effectively as before.

Are your window tints chipped, faded, or impairing your driving?

While many people will argue for the benefits of tinted windows, darkening the viewpoint brings disadvantages along with its advantages. These include things such as:

  • At night or in dark areas like tunnels, you may have difficulty seeing. This can cause significant risk in low-light conditions.
  • Police officers are more likely to pull over vehicles with tinted windows. This risk increases if you're close to the state's legal tinting limit.
  • Aftermarket tints naturally start to peel over time. This leaves "holes" in spots of your window that won't come out unless the tint is removed or replaced.

Choose us for window tints and auto detailing

With overnight drop off and next day pick up, we try to minimize your inconvenience. We appreciate your business and want to make sure you're satisfied. That's why we always go over our job with you and check to see that you're happy with our work. So give us a call, fill out our contact form our stop by today!